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Compassionate Care and Expertise: Your Destination for Enhanced Ear Health

Welcome to The Ear Clinic, where compassionate care meets expertise! We understand how vital your ear health is, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing personalised solutions that enhance your quality of life. With a team of skilled Audiologists and state-of-the-art technology, we strive to deliver comprehensive evaluations, precise diagnoses, and effective treatment options for all your ear-related concerns.

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Making History



Company Establishment

We started with a definitive and clear mission – To create a clinical space for those
seeking the highest level of ear care. Using extensive experience from both the NHS and private sectors, we have created exactly what we set out to do. We have so far, not only helped, but established relationships and formed friendships with thousands of people in the Surrey and Hampshire areas.



A new location

Expanding The Ear Clinic to a new location has been an exhilarating  journey. After carefully considering the needs of the community, we found a charming spot that was the perfect fit.  Transforming the space into a warm and  welcoming environment has been a labor of love, ensuring that all patients feel  comfortable and at ease during their visits. 



Growing the Team

Expanding The Ear Clinic has allowed me to bring together a team of dedicated  professionals who all share the common desire of providing holistic, patient-centred care. We have an amazing team of individuals who not only possess the necessary skills, but also align with the clinics’ values. We’ve made it a priority to foster a positive work culture where everyone  feels valued and supported, so that in turn our patients are treated the same. 

woman having microsuction smiling

“Took my 6 year old to Dylan with a very blocked ear ( following a cold he had in December). Dylan was amazing and I’m so happy I took my son to see him. He patiently explained to Dean what is going to happen during the cleaning process. After cleaning, Dylan carried out a pressure test and Dean had liquid in the canals behind the ear drum. Dylan advised us to do a three week treatment which worked wonders. After 3 weeks, Dylan saw my son and did the pressure test again which showed that the liquid was draining which is great news. I’m very relieved and happy I didn’t wait around for the GP to do something about it. So if you or your child needs help with your ears, I’d recommend Dylan 100%.”

Madalina Newton

“I want to credit Dylan and his team for their fantastic care throughout my treatment.They could not have been more considerate, careful or attentive and gave excellent advice throughout and considerably better than any pharmacist I approached! My hearing has now been fully restored and I am just really grateful for all they did.”

Richard Hutt

“I attended the Grayshott Ear Clinic today and was made to feel comfortable by Mr Walker from the start. Every step was explained in a friendly manner. I had a blocked ear in both ears from the weekend and turns out it’s years of being naughty and using cotton buds and pushing too much wax right the back of my ear canal and pressing against the drum. I can honestly say that was the best purchase I’ve made in years. I can hear crystal clear, better than ever and Mr Walker said that should do me for a few years, The tv and car stereo sound is turned way down now, keeping my daughter happy as she moans I listen to things too loud, I always said it’s not loud till now! I can’t recommend the clinic enough. I feel like a new man! Thank you Grayshott Ear Clinic.”

Connan McStay

“I arrived in despair at Dylan’s clinic in East Horsley. I had been deaf in one ear for a few weeks following a horrid virus. Dylan’s surgical diagnosis of the problem was comforting – it was not permanent! He cleared my ears which I dont think have ever been cleared. My hearing is hugely improved. Dylan’s explanation of my state was comprehensive. He is also a really nice guy!”

Kate Kassam

“Dylan knows his stuff. Not only did he treat this nervous client well, he provided an explanation as to the issues I have been facing. Highly recommend if you need this service.”

John Webb

“Really smooth, efficient service from our first contact. Positive, prompt communication with Dylan ahead of the appointment, we then booked online.  Dylan is knowledgable and has a very good style, the service was slick and effective. We would have no hesitation in returning or recommending.”

vicki willetts

“Dylan has treated my husband and both kids with professionalism and care; I saw him for the first time today and would not hesitate to return or recommend. He was both knowledgeable and reassuring”

Amy Paliotta

“After my first visit last year which was a great success to clear my ears, I vowed to return if I needed to. I went last week & in a very short time my ears were clear again. I cannot recommend this Ear Clinic highly enough & Dylan’s customer service is outstanding in all areas.”

Margaret Arnott

“My Son has recurring issues with wax build up in both ears. Dylan Walker at Horsley Ear Clinic did a fantastic job making my Son feel comfortable and relaxed. He talked him through the whole process as it was being carried out. Will definitely be going back there when needed.”

Nicola Amis

“Dylan was professional and thorough. I had a fully blocked ear that I had tried to treat with ear drops but had only made it worse. Within 15 min he had cleared it out completely and painlessly. He also checked the other ear. Excellent experience and I can strongly recommend.”

carrie Fleming

“Dylan is very professional and skillful. He was very patient with my son and explained to him why he felt certain sensations during treatment. It was a painless experience for him. My son felt an instant improvement in his hearing after the treatment. Thank you so much Dylan.”

Nicole Lau

“A really good service and local for many folk. Dylan has been so helpful as well arranging to send one of my hearing aids away to be successfully repaired. Other practitioners just seem to talk of new aids rather than repairs. A very professional approach. thank you”

Gill Walker

“Very quickly made an appointment and had an extremely informative session on top of the microsuction. Dylan was excellent, skilful and knowledgeable without any hard sell – in other words – completely professional. Would not hesitate to recommend.”

Keith Noble

The whole experience from start to finish was exceptionally professional. I would like to commend Dylan on his expert knowledge and delightful demeanour. I would highly recommend Horsley Ear Clinic.

Bernie Wightman

“I highly recommend Dylan at Horsley Ear Clinic for anyone requiring Micro-suction. I went there today on the recommendation of my grandson who went there last year. I was thoroughly pleased with the service I got and will definitely return when needed again.”

chris slade

“I had extremely painful ears following a swim – Dylan was brilliant and fitted me in very quickly. I had micro suction which totally relieved the problem. I am truly grateful for the great, speedy, competent and friendly service. I am recommending to all. Thank you Dylan.”

Matthew Kalupka

“Fantastic service – I have had many years of issues and used high street opticians for micro suction. I did not appreciate what the Horsley Ear Clinic are offering is different. This is a far superior procedure – hospital grade and no need to use any Olive Oil drops, in fact Dylan told me to avoid them as it is making things worse for me. It is totally painless (unlike my experience on the high street). Highly recommended.”

Drew Crew

“Horsley Ear Clinic, is a welcome addition to the village if you like me you need your ears cleared of wax on a regular basis. The proprietor Dylan is young, professional and caring. I have found his service to be better than anything else i have experienced. He deserves to do well and the village will be better for the diversity of different businesses like his.”

Joan Discombe

“Visited the clinic a couple of weeks ago. Very impressed with the service from Dylan – ears cleaned using micro-suction (syringing), talked through the process which is quick and painless. Will no doubt end up going again in due course.”

Lionel Fewson

“Easily the best £79 I have ever spent. I was nearly deaf in one ear for over a year. Water would get trapped making hearing a nightmare. Dylan sorted it out in minutes!!!”

B Sykes


Why Choose Us
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Our team consists of highly trained and experienced health professionals who are passionate about delivering the highest level of ear care.

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Independent Ear Clinic

We are an independent ear clinic providing bespoke, individualised care, flexibility and convenience, and a patient-centred approach. This makes us a preferred option for individuals seeking comprehensive and tailored treatment for ear-related conditions.

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

We have invested in the latest equipment and technology to deliver superior care and accurate diagnoses.

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Personalised Approach

We understand that every individual has unique requirements. We provide customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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Exceptional Service

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. We strive to deliver a welcoming and friendly environment, ensuring you feel confident and supported throughout your journey with us.

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Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to delivering the highest standard of care, utilising evidence-based practices and staying up to date with the latest advancements in Audiology.

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